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Parent Assistance and Support

We have over thirty years of expertise in the area of Special Education. We can assist you in preparing for an Individual Education Program(IEP) meeting, reviewing the IEP for compliance with federal, and local policies and procedures, in addition to attending the IEP meeting face to face or remotely. We can support you in advocating for your child or children. Email us if you have questions.​​​

Do you need help with your child’s Individual Education Program?   We can aid you in ensuring that the goals and objectives meet the needs of your child and the data being used is measurable.

Does your child need a realistic transition plan?  We can assist you in making sure that the plan has input from you and your child. We can work with you on questions to ask at the meeting as well as reviewing the plan with you.  We can even Skype into the meeting if you like.​​

Your child may not be eligible for special education services but may need a 504 Plan. Has anyone spoken to you about that? We can formulate  questions  for you to ask as well as what the law says that your child is entitled to through a 504 Plan. Some examples may include asthma, sickle cell anemia, broken leg, etc.


Let Us Help You!

IEP Review Meeting

We are available to assist you before the meeting or during the meeting virtually.

Review of IEP After the Meeting

We are available to read and review the minutes as well as the revised IEP and offer suggestions to ensure that it is compliant and you as a parent are informed.

Need to Request An Amendment

We are available to assist you in requesting an Amendment to an IEP that is not compliant or some items that you wanted addressed were left out.

Need a Behavior Intervention Plan

We are here to assist you in educating you on the steps to follow and what items are needed in the plan to be compliant. We can also assist you in ensuring the needs of the child are met.

Need to File an Office of Civil Rights Complaint

 We are available to review your case and assist you in writing the complaint to the Office of Civil Rights. Also, we can review the list of evidence you should have for your case.

Suspension Over 10 days

We are available to assist you in fighting to keep your child in school when warranted. We can educate you on the law in relation to children with disabilities being removed from the classroom over ten days in one calendar year.

General Education Teacher at the Meeting

We can assist you in ensuring that all the people that need to be in the meeting are requested by the parent in writing. We want to make sure you have a general education teacher present throughout the entire meeting.

Any Other Requests

Contact us if you have any other request that has not been outlined. We are happy to discuss to see if you are able to assist you.

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