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Contact Us to Learn More About:

 Social-Emotional Learning

We can train teachers, administrators, and district personnel in this area.

Special Education Supports

What areas do you need support in? We are here to assist you!

Behavior Management

Are you having issues with children in your class or your own child? We are here to assist you!

Alternatives to Out of School Suspensions

Are you looking for creative ways to keep children in school? We are here to assist you with some tried and true methods.

Community Partnerships

Do you need help building relationships and partnerships for your school or district? Give us a call.

Coaching/Feedback for Teachers

Sometimes teachers just need a little more than school administrators have time in their day-to-day schedule. Dr. Foley is certified in Coaching and is here to help.

Trauma-Informed Classrooms

Do you want to do the best in your classroom with children experiencing trauma? Tell us how we can help!.

Parent Assistance at School Meetings

We are here to assist you in working with schools and school districts in advocating for your children. We are here to help you virtually at this time.

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