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We can assist you with the Individual Education Program (IEP)- an Individual Education Program is a written report for every child with a disability that is initiated, examined, and changed in a meeting in compliance with Section 300.320 -300.324 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

We are a company that is passionate about children learning and being educated. We believe that education saves lives. We have years of experience in serving children without disabilities and children with disabilities in public education.

We are here to support and assist parents in maneuvering through the public school system.



Homework Help

Educational Consulting

We have the expertise in the area of behavior management, social and emotional learning, serving people with Intellectual Disabilities and many other areas. Perhaps you need assistance in the area of improving attendance and discipline on your campus, we can help. We can also assist you with class preparation and culture and climate in the school setting.

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Parent Assistance & Support

We have over thirty years of expertise in the area of Special Education. We can assist you in preparing for an Individual Education Program/Plan  (IEP) meeting, reviewing the IEP for compliance with federal, and local policies and procedures, in addition to attending the IEP meeting face to face or remotely. We can assist you in advocating for your child or children. Email us if you have questions.


Grant Writing

We can assist you with exploring grants to writing the proposal. Our expertise is in the area of educational grants.  Our professional grant
writing team will work closely with you and your organization to meet
your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs. 

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Free 5 Day Guide To Help Heal A Traumatized Child.

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